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Executive Coaching

Relevant Executive Coaching for peak performance: helping you more effectively lead you organization and maximize your success.


GWG Consulting Services' executive coaching process helps the leader see how they are perceived by their organization. This then enables productive discussions and the development of real value adding initiatives for the benefit of both the leader and the organization. 

  • The GOaL-e program results provide a platform for discussion with the leader and as necessary the management team

  • This goes well past climate surveys, providing relevant input for identifying the best steps forward in order to mazimize the leaders and organizations effectiveness

  • Ongoing support and coaching is subsequently available to the leader and additionally to any of their team, to support effective implementation as needed. This Coaching is then maximized through an intimate awareness of the organizations culture and needs. 

Do leaders really need to know how they are perceived by staff?

McKinsey’s Global Institute, 2015:

“there is no leadership effectiveness without personal mastery and the most important ingredient of personal mastery is self-awareness.” The problem is that leaders seldom receive open, honest feedback. Staff want the boss to like them, they defer quickly, don’t always say what they mean and the boss’s self-awareness starts it’s decline.


Anne Mulcahy, former Chairperson and CEO of Xerox:

"As you get into that corner office people around you want to please, they are absolutely more respectful and more easily intimidated. And if you're not careful you can actually delude yourself and start believing everything you hear. And that's where honest critics play an incredibly important role in companies".


Sheeba Varghese:

“self-awareness + focus & strategy = success”: it is very common that people are misfiring to varying degrees in the self-awareness area. Leaders will not generate their best results without self-awareness. Increasingly, senior management focus on KPI delivery, leaving the less tangible but critical leadership skills to chance. This can have a disastrous impact on organisation culture and performance.

Is your organization firing on all cylinders?

Contact GWG Consulting Services to help ensure you see yourself in a clear light, enabling productive discussions and the development of real value adding initiatives. 


“George is an extremely knowledgeable and personable coach with innovative ideas and practical approach who helped me hone my leadership skills through executive coaching. During that time, George was not just a coach, but a mentor and friend who was always available to listen and promptly give me expert advice and customized solutions to effectively support me in addressing various issues. He provided me outstanding support during some challenging times and taught me tools that helped me thrive as a leader. George really made me a better leader for which I am most appreciative.”

Director of Market Access and Public Affairs

"George is a great person to work with. He is friendly, fair, respectful, and always gives you the feeling he is there to make you better. I enjoyed working with George on many occasions and look forward to stay in touch for many more years to come."

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