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Maximize your leadership with the support it deserves

  • ​Bring extensive experience from both a consulting and leadership perspective

  • Present relevant options for closing performance gaps

  • Identify gaps between perception and reality

  • Conduct the GOaL-e process to gauge organization reactions to your leadership style

  • Get to the root of your corporate culture (go well beyond climate surveys)

 Why is supporting leadership transition so important ?

Research shows that the failure rate among newly hired or promoted executives has stood at 40% for the past 15 years. (1)


Successful leadership transitions not only accelerate time to impact but also improve team performance and engagement long-term. (2)

  • New leaders with effective transition planning and execution reach their potential nine months faster than those with average transition processes


Direct reports of successful transitioning leaders are 15% more effective and 21% less prone to attrition than the average direct report. (2)

  • Yet, nearly 70% of peers and managers are under-prepared or unavailable to provide the support new-to-role leaders need


(1) McKinsey - Leadership Transitions, 2014

(2) Corporate Executive Board, 2014

Why are failure rates so high?

68% of these (new leaders) are under prepared because of the information they use, the sequence they follow, and the manner in which they engage — or fail to engage — those around them. Knowing how, when, and who is as important as what. 


Successful transitions are driven by tangible impact rather than arbitrary timelines. There are plenty of 90 or 100-day plans for newly appointed executives. However in reality, the majority of new leaders take more than 90 days to get up to full productivity, often as long as six to nine months.


New leaders need a plan and the kind of support that connects them to their organization. 

New leader strategy, leadership transition support

Are the right people involved ?

Although the first 100 days represent a critical adjustment period, the actual transition period is far longer than that. New senior leaders often plateau after six to nine months:

  • Leading organizations support new leaders well beyond the first 100 days

  • Some even start support before the famous 100 days

  • Less than one-third of the people assigned to support senior leadership transitions are able to effectively do so (1)


 (1) - Steven V. Manderscheid and Peter D. Freeman, “Managing Polarity, Paradox, and Dilemma During Leader Transition,” European Journal of Training and Development, August 2012.



This is why you need the support of an experienced coach or consultant and one who has

also been through leadership transitions themselves. 


​"George (Principal of GWG Consulting) provided an excellent program to find out where we are in connection with our management practices and identifying areas for improvement. George’s demonstrated professionalism and encouraged openness from interviewees and management, engaged everyone in the process. As a fairly new President this was an extremely valuable process for us."

Affiliate President, Europe

Is your organization firing on all cylinders?

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