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GOaL-e Experience

George Gilraine (principal of GWG Consulting Services) 

has extensive experience implementing the GOaL-e process. Helping leaders and organizations maximize their potential.

Principal of GWG Consulting Services

George has conducted 114 GOaL-e assignments across 40+ countries:

  • 454 improvement actions implemented

    • Plus numerous suggestions


Special focus assignments:

  • Global sales & marketing re-structure

  • China - low cost production assessment

  • A number of transitional leadership support projects

  • Conducted over 60 workplace investigations around the world 

  • Cross affiliate collaboration improvement


Commercial Effectiveness design and assessments:

  • Holland, UK, Portugal, Spain, Romania, Brazil (merger), China, India, Russia, Egypt

  • Average 8 improvement opportunities per affiliate


Successfully implemented across many industries:

  • Pharmaceuticals, industrial enzymes, engineering, IT

  • commercial affiliates from 30 - 3,000 staff

  • Business Areas with multiple reporting affiliates

  • Global sales & marketing units

  • R&D, IT, financial services, production 


GOAL-e has been conducted in: Canada, USA, UK, China, India, Japan, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Ukraine, Poland, Slovenia, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Jordan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, Bangladesh, South Africa, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines.


​"As VP Global Commercial Effectiveness at Novo Nordisk Pharmaceuticals, George prepared me to assume his role in understanding and implementing the Sales Effectiveness process within strategic markets of our company. George is an extremely experienced leader within Commercial business, posessing strong managerial background, analytical skills and people management. George has developed and utilizes valid systems and processes, covering large business areas. He has systemized and improved the commercial capabilities and procedures within our company."

General Manager, Europe

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