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Leadership experience:

George's consulting and coaching experience is well supported with a successful leadership background

strong leadership background
  • VP Business Assurance - Organizational Effectiveness

  • VP Global Commercial Effectiveness

  • President - Ireland, Egypt

  • Sales and Marketing Director

  • National Sales Director - Novo Nordisk

  • Sales Management – Johnson & Johnson

  • Sales - Dow Pharma, Johnson & Johnson

  • Finance - Price Waterhouse Coopers


  • Organizational Change, Leadership Development - Stanford University

  • Leadership - Insead University

  • Marketing and Business - Ivey Business School

  • Certified Executive Coach - International Coaching Council

  • Media Training, Strategy Planning, numerous other development programs



  • Sales & Marketing Effectiveness Guidelines and assessment tool

  • Harnessing the Collective Intelligence of your Staff

  • Why Leaders Fail


George is not just an executive with a finance, S&M and general management background experienced in leading teams and driving business turnarounds. He also has spent the last 12 years developing commercial and organizational effectiveness guidelines, implementing approaches to assess performance against these guidelines and coached senior leaders and their teams in implementing plans to close gaps. His approach is based on Baldridge Performance Excellence, European Federation of Quality Management and commonly accepted Good Management Practice fundamentals.


​"I worked for George as Marketing Director while he was President of Novo Nordisk Ireland. He has a keen insight into individual personalities and a high level of drive and commitment to his business. He has shrewd business acumen and is an excellent people person. I and my peers found him to be an open and honest individual who always gave fair and timely feedback and created a positive working environment that led to our strong success in the marketplace.

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