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A few molecules of improvement findings:​


Finding: While the recent climate survey results for the unit are generally good, there is an inconsistent approach to following up on the results. Numerous employees could not recall having discussed or created any actions for improvement. Several of the Directors take an active role in ensuring that their teams conduct a formal follow-up session where they discuss the climate survey scores and develop actions to maintain and improve the working environment. However, other Directors have done nothing or considerably less than what the climate survey process requires.
Furthermore, some interviewees perceived that sending numerous emails to employees with the intention of achieving a 100% response rate and encouraging good scores compromised the intention of the survey process and encouraged them to score higher than they might normally.  


Action: Ensure climate survey process is consistently implemented across all departments in accordance with prescribed procedures.

Responsible:                                                                       Date:

I all examples are of course blinded. 

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