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Best way to raise performance

Best way to raise your performance

with 3 key deliverables

By: George Gilraine - GWG Consulting Services

November, 2016

When assessing organization effectiveness, supporting a new leader, or coaching an executive, it's not enough for a coach just to understand your goals. One needs to also understand the organizations culture and gain an understanding as to how employees perceive their working world and their leadership team.

Management often don't hear of dysfunctional processes or obstacles even when they ask staff. Climate surveys and 360s are popular but only scratch the surface and are generally not utilized effectively by the leaders that need it most.

As Anne Mulcahy, former Chairperson and CEO of Xerox said "As you get into that corner office people around you want to please, they are absolutely more respectful and more easily intimidated. And if you're not careful you can actually delude yourself and start believing everything you hear. And that's where honest critics play an incredibly important role in companies".

This is why it’s so important to go beyond the basics such as climate surveys or 360s. You need input from a carefully selected cross-section of the organization. That input then needs to be filtered by an experienced facilitator, compared to management’s perspective, gaps identified and effective solutions agreed. Only then can high quality executive coaching begin.

Such an executive coach approach will add value to your leadership and ultimately the organization. You need a skilled and experienced consultant to deliver this kind of approach and the GOaL-e program is just such a process, proven in over 100 various sized organizations in over 40 countries.

GOaL-e will:​

  • Determine employee perception of you, your management team's behaviour and impact of your role model. This then gives you the opportunity to adapt and or clarify as needed.

  • Identify improvement opportunities in your organizational processes, by running employee input through the ten leadership cylinders and the lens of an experienced facilitator.

  • Improve your operational efficiencies, leadership effectiveness, the engagement of your staff and business results.

Experience with this process shows that General Managers or unit heads find the process creates little disruption to the organization and generates actionable improvement points that really make a difference. Furthermore boards, executives, owners, general managers, department heads and even union executive find the results of the GOaL-e program to be accurate. They therefore more readily accept recommendations for change as a solid basis for improvement operations.

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