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Organizational and Leadership effectiveness assessment 


Exclusive GOaL-e process takes your business to a higher level of performance. Improves efficiency and agility, while strengthening employee engagement and alignment. 

Executive Coaching


Relevant, reality-based executive coaching. Based upon your current corporate culture, helping you lead more effectively and maximize success .

Leadership Transition support


Help accelerate your time to impact

Minimize risk of losing staff engagement and focus.

Interim Leadership


Broad and senior leadership experience. General Management experience, with full P&L responsibility; Sales & Marketing background; Success achieved in maintain, and challenge situations. 

Are you; facing challenges or change, a new leader, or want to move from good to great?

Leaders must know how to adjust their leadership behaviors and organizational processes in order to maximize their success. They need to ensure that their team and all staff are able to complete their work efficiently, accurately, with commitment and innovation in support of the unit's mission. This is always a challenge, especially when new obstacles or changes arise, making it easy for both leadership and the organization to veer off course.

GOaL-e is your solution 

GWG Consulting Services utilizes an exclusive process called GOaL-e that has been implemented successfully in over one hundred organizations around the world over the past 10 years. The results provide extremely reliable input which contributes significantly to increased leadership effectiveness and organizational success. The GOaL-e process is a well proven methodology to ensure you are on the best path possible to peak performance. To get perspective, input and coaching that is most relevant to your success ...


George Gilraine, (Principal of GWG Consulting Services) has extensive experience implementing leadership and organizational consulting and coaching. He draws on his own strong base of executive leadership and is also a certified Master Coach. 


5 Reasons why you should contact GWG Consulting Services:

  1. Extensive experience in successful implementation of top quality organizational & leadership consulting, and a successful executive background to support it.

  2. An exclusive and proven successful GOaL-e process, implemented in over one hundred organizations around the world.

  3. Gets to the root of your corporate culture, identifying gaps between perception and reality.

  4. Clear understanding of how the organization understands and reacts to your leadership style.

  5. Assesses internal processes / concerns and proposes actions that can further the achievement of corporate goals and improve good management practice.


GOaL-e provides real opportunities for improvement, generating a strong platform on which coaching adds it's best value. 

To obtain the most effective leadership & organizational assessment and coaching that is

highly relevant to you and your organizations success 

contact GWG Consulting Services.


​"George (Principal of GWG Consulting) provided an excellent program to find out where we are in connection with our management practices and identifying areas for improvement. George’s demonstrated professionalism and encouraged openness from interviewees and management, engaged everyone in the process. As a fairly new President this was an extremely valuable process for us."

Erik Lommerde, VP Europe South

Located in Toronto area



GWG Consulting Services

Chateau Common, Oakville, ON​




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